Consultations are always free and we urge you to email or call to set one up! We will discuss the theme and color scheme of your wedding, what designs and looks you prefer, and help you decide on flowers. After the consultation, a proposal is written with each arrangement enumerated with price, quantity, and detailed descriptions of the container and types of flowers and colors in the design. Because many couples might not know their floral budget before the consulation, we frequently provide alternative designs for each arrangement at different price points. This way you can play with the proposal, and omit or add items as you see fit.

Flower Market and Samples

The fun begins when you hire The Flower Lab and have the option of visiting the LA flower district together! Although not for every bride (trips occur at the crack of dawn!), walking around the flower market can be exciting and exhilirating as your big day approaches! It also happens to be one of the coolest things about LA (but we're biased)! Because it can be difficult to visualize certain flowers and colors can sometimes seem ambiguous, many brides appreciate venturing down to the flower market about a month prior to the wedding date. Sometimes these trips reveal flowers brides have never considered using, but love them when they actually see them in person!

We are also happy to create a sample centerpiece for you, upon request, a few weeks before the big day. This way you can relax and have one less thing to worry about as things get down to the wire!

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