Terrarium inspired centerpieces

We made these cool table centerpieces recently for an end of year dinner for math and science students attending East Los Angeles College. When designing the centerpieces, I thought the students might appreciate the biological feel of a terrarium centerpiece

Into clear glass cylinders, we placed a phalaenopsis orchid plant along with moss and a few stems of a jade plant. A simple centerpiece using plant material we have all seen before, but when placed within a glass container, it looks new and different. Maybe something right out of a plant lab! And to top it off, they are easy for the students to take home and maintain themselves.
Half the tables held a terrarium-inspired arrangement and the other half held a geometry-inspired centerpiece. We made these geometric centerpieces using a square wood box. The design featured four different colored flowers, each making up a quadrant. We then accented the arrangement with loops of purple flexible reeds.